BistoCon 2024 Attendance Survey

The BistoCon Con Comm is considering a big move for 2024: we’re thinking about running BistoCon in back to back years to get it off of the same year that SHareCon occurs. We know that there is some overlap in the fandoms and that some people can only afford one fannish-based trip a year. You may recall that SHareCon ran back to back a few years before the pandemic but we ended up on the same year afterwards, so if a change will happen, it would be BistoCon making the change.

But it only makes sense to run a BistoCon next year, in 2024, if we know it will make a difference–if people will attend. So that’s where you come in. Please take some time to answer our survey questions and let us know your thoughts here: This survey will close Thursday, August 24 at midnight EST. Thank you!

Thank you again for your time–we really appreciate it.

The BistoCon Con Comm